Senior full stack enterprise software engineer based on the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia with 15+ years of software development and architecture design experience.

Strong commitment to continuous learning; regularly researches patterns & practices; experiments with new technology and software development tech stacks.

Professional Aptitude

Manages the entire software development lifecycle and strategies for organisations to respond to changing market conditions, customer needs, and emerging technologies that enable the development team to accelerate the rate of innovation.

Facilitates development teams in becoming lean and agile by developing principles and patterns to help the team move fast at scale — and demonstrates why and how to apply these methodologies throughout the organisation.

Documents & Designs enterprise architecture & development methodologies that assist the development team to deliver higher code quality software — free from defects and easy to maintain by:

  • Employing techniques that reduce defects
  • Quickly implementing effective design alternatives
  • Collaborating more smoothly with other team members
  • Understands how testability directly reflects software quality
  • Establishes standards and practices for building software
  • Avoids upfront overdesign and build just-in-time
  • Supports an iterative process without excessive rework
  • Supports collaborative code ownership and embrace a common aesthetic

Implements applications developed in-house ensuring they are scalable, secure, reliable, highly available and manageable. Focuses on breaking monoliths into microservices by documenting a holistic view of the factors an organisation needs to be aware of in order to successfully implement microservices.

Leads development teams on a variety of simultaneous projects consisting of developers with varying skill levels (junior to senior), backgrounds and employment arrangements (contractors to permanent employees). Projects are always delivered on time, robust and excel at meeting complex business requirements in an elegant manner.

Leadership Skills

Engages and motivates staff by modeling and encouraging a culture of continuous learning and leadership, which values high levels of constructive feedback, and exposure to new experiences.

Researches and considers the broader context to develop practical solutions by exploring a range of possibilities and creative alternatives to contribute to systems, process and business improvements.

Communicates goals, priorities and recognises achievements by building a shared sense of direction within the team to see the vision of the successes to come.

Inspires direction and purpose to make the team feel invested in all accomplishments by acknowledging the work that everyone has dedicated.

Trusting in the team by identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and delegates correctly to create an organised and efficient team which produces high quality output within deadlines.


Visit the Portfolio section showcasing work ranging from groundbreaking pre-smartphone apps to enterprise government software solutions, and everything in between including technology hacks.