Profile - Nintendo Gameboy Advance Games

Technical Lead Developer - Nintendo Gameboy Advance game development focusing on developing 2D and 3D engines for creating original games.

Booze - Halfbrick Studios

Booze is a 2d platformer game. Similar to mario, rayman and sonic.

This was a 2D technology demo project to demo to publishers what the Halfbrick Studios team were capable of.

Starfox Advance - Halfbrick Studios

Starfox Advance is another tech demo to show off to publishers the Halfbrick team skills. It is based off the original SNES version of Starfox.

The demo generated a lot of hysteria amongst the original fans, as someone decided to make an april fools joke and record a video of our running demo and told the public there was a SNES emulator for the GBA.

This game was the first realtime 3d game running on a GBA!

Omega - Delirium Entertainment

Omega is a fast paced 3D shoot 'em up clone of Starfox, using a combination of 2D and 3D graphics.

This game uses the same 3D engine developed for Halfbrick Studio to used by Starfox Advance.

Croc Advance - Delirium Entertainment

Croc Advance is a port of the original Croc on the Playstation. Utilising my GBA 3D engine, Croc was an experiment to see if the engine could handle a 3D platformer. This was a much more complex experiment than the previous 3D games because animation, texture mapping and full 3D landscapes had to be considered. Successfully handling the complex textured geometry, the Croc demo was the first true 3D platformer game on the Gameboy Advance to run at comparable speeds to the original Sony Playstation version!

Carbie - Delirium Entertainment

With Starfox, Omega and Croc all using my 3D engine, Delirium Entertainment decided to try a different type of game to test the limits of the engine. Carbie more than lived up to the test, with 3 AI controlled trucks and the player driving over a texture-mapped terrain, this little game flies. Carbie shows that the engine can handle a fast paced capture the flag driving game over a textured terrain, with multiple players on screen and audio streaming voice overs to boot.

DX-Ball Advance - Delirium Entertainment

DX-Ball is a port of the original PC freeware version developed by Michael P. Welch.