Profile - Mobstar Games

Mobstar Games was my mobile game development company, with a team of 2 (an artist & I), focusing on Nokia s60 and Sony Ericsson k700 devices.


Magic Clouds

Magic Clouds is a 2d platformer game. Similar to Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands and SnowBros.

Fight your way through 5 awesome themed levels with 50 challenging stages, 20 unique enemies, 5 huge bosses and playability reminiscent of the classic arcade puzzle platformers. You won't believe it fits on a mobile phone!

Magic Clouds was developed for the Sony Ericsson game development competition, where it placed 2nd. The game is now available world-wide for the Sony Ericsson k700i and s700 mobile phones.


AstralX is a Shoot Em Up game similar to Galaga and Galaxian. The game is available on numerous mobile phones world-wide including the offical Sony Ericsson fun and content website.

Mobstar Jewels

Mobstar Jewels Mobstar Jewels is based on the classic gem swapping phenomenon sweeping the world by storm.

The idea is to swap adjacent gems of the same color and try to match 3 or more gems. Try matching more than 1 gem color at a time for bonus points. You will need to keep your wits about you, because leaving yourself with no more possible gems to swap means you cannot make another move, and the end of your current game.

Mobstar Fishing

Mobstar Fishing is an addictive, fun and challenging fishing game. The idea is simple, catch a certain amount of fish within a set time limit. Sound easy enough? Yeah right! The ominous shark is always on the prowl for an easy meal, watch him or he will steal your fish! Luckily your friendly overpriced fishing shop has just what you need to get the upper hand.

Mobstar X-Pong

Mobstar X-Pong“Extreme 4 player pong action with a twist! Up to 8 balls in play at any one time and special powerups. Can you keep your eye on the ball?”

Mobstar X-Pong is an intense 4 player pong game. Choose from 6 characters in this futuristic sports game, and battle it out with up to 8 balls in play at once! Featuring realistic ball physics, adrenalin pumping fast paced action and playability that you can just pick up and play, or spend a few hours playing through career mode to become the Mobstar X-Pong grand master.