Profile - BREW to J2ME Mobile Game Conversions

BREW to J2ME mobile phone games conversions for Shrek 2, MTX: Mototrax and Muscle Car Mayhem.

Shrek 2 - SkyWorks Mobile

Get set for a rollercoaster ride of twisted fairy tale proportions in Shrek 2, the wireless game. Play through several mini-games that include everyone's favorite ogre Shrek, his faithful steed Donkey, Puss in Boots and other characters. Play with up to four players on a single phone and travel to new locations in an interactive board game based on the motion picture. In addition trivia challenges, Shrek 2 also contains six mini-games derived from the movie. You engage in a food fight with Fiona's kingly father, ride a carriage while Donkey tries to gobble apples, catch potions in a basket at the Godmother's factory, and deal with Puss-In-Boots.

MTX: Mototrax - JAMDAT Mobile

Catch major air with MTX: Mototrax! Pull off trick combos as one of 15 pro Motocross stars. Easy interface lets you hit the dirt on six tough tracks. Try eleven cool mid-air tricks like back flips and no-handers. String together stunts to rack up big points. JAMDAT Mobile puts extreme action at your fingertips with multiple play modes, vivid graphics and super sound. Blow out of the gates and feel the wireless rumble. MTX: Mototrax is high-flyin' fun for both moto-mavens and first-time riders!

Muscle Car Mayhem - Mobliss

Big cars with bad attitudes! Take the wheel of Plymouth's baddest rides from an era that measured excitement in cubic inches. Race the famed Hemicuda, the hefty Road Runner, the legendary Duster and more in a showdown against other high-octane hot rods. Earn cash to buy new parts and even more of Plymouth's celebrated road hogs. Compete in the Arcade Mode, Cup Mode, or League Mode and post your times to a leaderboard to compare them to other players nationwide. Airtime is required for use.