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Software development services for J2ME mobile phone applications and games.

Go - Sonoho

Development of J2ME mobile phone application. Every aspect of the application is dynamically configured via server stored XML documents. The XML documents allow the client to easily design device specific web like pages, in a fashion similar to html. Another feature is the user can download ringtones, wallpapers and games direct to their device.

Headrush - CBBC

The idea of the game is to match up three of the characters in a line either vertically or horizontally to create a combo.
Each time you create a combo the blocks will disappear and increase your level meter.
When the level meter is full you move onto the next level.
The more blocks in a combo the quicker your level meter will fill up and the more points you get, this will help you reach the hall of fame and enter your name.

Esselte - Esselte

To finish each level, you have to lick all of the colour tags and get to the exit as fast as possible. It is not as easy as it looks - you have to avoid these objects or lose a life!

Along the way you will receive a skateboard to cruise through the level, but watch out for thoose rats. You should also be prepared to navigate your way over moving platforms and duck flying birds.

A Bear's Tail - Bake Media

Someone you really fancy was captured while you were in the woods dropping a log. She was taken to bears house and locked in the newly converted loft by a ridiculously large fire-breathing squirrel. So you have got to save her before squirrel turns her nuts.

All you have to do is work your way through the house until you get to the loft and save her. The only thing stopping you is squirrel. There is one other thing... Each room is filled with a poisonous odour left from squirrels droppings which means you have to get out of each room as fast as you can or you will die. However the more items you collect or eat the more time you have to complete each level.

Nob Whacker - Bake Media

The objective is to move the hammer around the bed and whack the nobs as fast as you can to make the highest score. The quicker you whack the nobs the faster they will appear and the higher your score will be. You have 3 screens on each level to try to score as many points as you can to fill up your splatometer. If you fill it up enough you get to splat patsy. If you do not succeed you will get splatted yourself – which is not so nice!